Leatt Rain Jacket

A review by The Everyday Bearded Mountain Biker

Possibly the most important item in a mountain bikers’ wardrobe in the UK, is a good mountain bike waterproof jacket that will keep you riding when caught out by the typical weather changes we face.

The question is which one do you get? You can spend a lot of money on one, but do you have to?

Generally, the more you pay, the more you get, in terms of performance, by which I mean breathability, durability, features or a combination of all three. This isn’t always necessary or the case, though as I recently found out after I purchased the Leatt Translucent Clear Rain Jacket from dirtbikeexpress.co.uk

I brought this as a jacket I can throw in my riding pack and pull out if the weather turns nasty when I am out riding. I have been testing this for a few months now and have used it at the tail end of winter, throughout spring and into this summer…if you can call it that.


  • Lightweight, water-resistant gear cover.
  • Soft translucent waterproof material
  • Large ventilation areas, sides and underarms
  • Waterproof front zip
  • Tailored cut for riding with or without body armour
  • Size: S-XXL
  • £17.99

Leatt Translucent Clear Rain Jacket

This jacket has come in handy on so many occasions. I now don’t leave for a long ride or a coaching session without it. Leatt’s jacket is a good example of purpose over style. The design team focused on fit and performance, rather than a trendy design, to offer us a small packable jacket that will keep you dry when you need it most. The best part is that by doing so, they’ve been able to keep the jacket’s price tag under £20!

Some of you might be saying, “hey wait a minute this is a motocross jacket”! Well, yes technically it was designed first of all as motocross jacket, marketed and sold as a motocross jacket. But if you are like me and don’t really care about fashion when riding and prefer something that will work, who really cares?! Our fellow two wheeled brethren have helped us out here, and we can take full advantage of it. Come on it isn’t the first time the mountain bike community has borrowed gear from the motocross world, is it?

The Leatt Race Cover Jacket is made from a soft, translucent water-resistant material, making it perfect for unexpected rainstorms on the trails. The jacket is lightweight, water-resistant with a waterproof zip, and has large-side and underarm ventilation too keep you cool and not steam up.

It’s a simple piece of kit designed to do a job at a price point and that’s exactly what it does.

With a £17.99 price tag from DirtBikeExpress, it’s almost impossible to find an excuse not to have a rain shell on the trail anymore.

Final Conclusion

I found that this jacket combined with just a base layer beneath made for a winning combination of comfort, protection and breathability. I also found the jacket comfortable and appreciated the venting on the sides and underarms. If you’ve toughed out the weather because you can’t afford a proper, riding rain jacket, your days of saying “skins waterproof” are gone.


This jacket isn’t going to win you any fashion contests. I say that, but hasn’t the cling film look come into fashion? But anyway, it’ll definitely keep you on the trail comfortably when an unexpected shower rains down on you.

4.5/5 for over all

If you know of a better shell jacket let me know!

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