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Can you hear that? The sound of Mariah Carey is getting louder on the highstreets. This can only mean one thing. Winter is here, and mountain bike trousers are needed! 

The question is which do you get? You can spend a lot of money on a pair, but do you have to? 

Last spring I was in desperate need of some mountain bike trousers as I had back to back days of coaching coming up. No where online had anything in my price range, in stock or that could be delivered on time. Then I came across the AM Trail MTB Pants from Decathlon. I shot down to my local shop and thought for £40 they will do.

What I found was not what I expected!

Generally, the more you pay, the more you get, in terms of performance, by which I mean breathability, durability, features or a combination of all three. This isn’t always necessary or the case, though as I recently found out.

The Am Trail MTB Pants have the perfect balance between cost and performance thanks to a generous amount of features for the price range. Including strategically placed triple-layered waterproof membrane fabric, a water repellent coating and breathable stretchy fabric that’s designed to be lighter and dry more quickly.


  • Water repellent, drizzle slides over the fabric’s surface, while mud struggles to stick.
  • Lightweight fabric that withstands abrasion.
  • The fluid, stretchy fabric contains elastane to follow your leg movements.
  • Two zip pockets, a space for your phone and a rubbish pocket.
  • Breathable fabric on the upper thighs and around the waist.
  • Size: S-XXXL
  • £39.99


I brought these back in spring 2021 and have used them throughout the year and they have been great. Decathlon have obviously focused on fit and performance, rather than a trendy design, to keep us warm and relatively dry in light showers. The best part is that by doing so, they’ve been able to keep the trousers price tag under £40!

Now I must say that these are not fully waterproof. These trousers are water-repellent in drizzle and light mud. In the event of heavy rain or on really wet and muddy terrain they do suffer. 

The loose and fit shape means they are closer-fitting at the waist, which is elasticated with two sets of poppers to adjust tightness and a zip protector cover to add to the waterproof features. There is also a large raised panel extending up the small of the back for added protection. The stretchy fabric guarantees ease of movement. They are wider on the thighs and knees so you can wear both undershorts and knee pads. They are tighter at the ankle due to the cuffs having tight-fitting elasticated hems to avoid getting in the way of your pedalling.

As good as the trousers are at being water resistant they did eventually soak through in the rain, especially on the thighs, but this shouldn’t come as a surprise given these aren’t waterproof.

However once soaking wet they remained comfortable, thanks to the soft shell material. My skin didn’t stick to the inside, which helped keep me warm. This made them suitable for all-day coaching sessions and all-day rides with friends. As well as this they are good for days spent in the bike park, wet or dry. It’s a simple piece of kit designed to do a job at a price point and that’s exactly what it does.

With a £39.99 price tag, it’s almost impossible to find an excuse not to have a pair, even as a back up.


It is hard to beat a good pair of MTB trousers for cooler days or a session in the park. I really like my AM Trail Pants, they are a well-designed pant that can withstand light rain, are wearable on warmer days too. After a few soft and heavy falls and wearing them for them for almost a year, they show no signs of wear, and all the zippers still work like new. For £39.99, Decathlon have hit the nail on the head for affordable quality. Just make sure you like the slightly tighter fit before you purchase. 


The trousers are an impressively priced, high-performing solution to winter rides, keeping your legs warm and clean.

Unless you’re riding through streams or in torrential storms, these will keep you reasonably dry. For the price, there isn’t anything better.

4.8/5 for over all

If you know of a better low cost trouser let me know!

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