The Bearded One

The Everyday Bearded Mountain Biker is also known as Jake Phillips, a mountain biker with a passion for two wheels.

His passion for the sport has allowed him to enjoy many experiences and meet many people. From early years racing, track side support and even managing a grass roots race team and supporting young and up coming local talent.

Extraordinary Experiences

I started out with a passion for sports photography, especially anything on two wheels and fast! This then developed into more. The chances and opportunities to capture different occasions, events, adventures arose and I have diversified in to many areas, but I always come back to the sport I truly love.

My photography has let me travel the world and see some amazing places. I have created work for shops, teams, individuals, professional sports persons, sponsors and more.

I still have this passion for sports photography and my documentary style of shooting is evident in all my professional work.

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