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One thing that has been a constant this winter is the cold, and with no sign of it getting warmer any time soon I am thankful for these gloves.

Ride 100%’s Brisker winter gloves have rapidly made themselves a firm favourite in my winter riding kit. It ruins a ride for me when I am miserable because my hands are frozen and numb, especially when trying to change gears, or even brake! It can become unbearable. But not once have I had that experience in these gloves.

The 100% Briskers have seen plenty of use this winter, and not just on the bike but also in my general day to day life, including taking the dogs out and being used at work, where they do a good job of fending off the elements without being a great big hefty oven mits.

Despite the mileage, some jet wash soakings, and numerous times through the washing machine, they are still as good as new, showing no sign of wear, and I am confident they will last many more winters.


Neoprene cuff gives a streamlined look.
Adjustable TPR wrist closure with hook and loop backing ensures proper fit.
Lightly insulated soft-shell top hand provides protection against colder temps.
Moisture wicking microfiber interior provides the perfect level of insulation.
Reflective graphics on top of hand offer improved visibility. 
Single layer Clarion palm for premium comfort and performance. 
Silicone printed palm graphics increase grip.
Integrated tech thread keeps you connected with your devices.


BRISKER - Camo/Black

Colours:Black, fluo orange, fluo yellow, white, camo, grey, neon pink

With out mincing my words, these are the best winter gloves I have ever used. Gripping the bars feels normal, yes they are bulkier than my summer gloves but you can not feel it when your riding. The insulated soft-shell back is great at keeping the wind chill out and your own heat in and it can handle plenty of mess from the trails and a passing light shower without soaking everything up.

The only downside I have found is that the Briskers aren’t waterproof. As mentioned I have used them in light showers and they hold up, but not in full pouring rain. There is a Hydromatic model of the Briskers with a waterproof insert which are more expensive and I would be interested to test them. But I have a feeling that any glove that is fully waterproof will be too bulky or hot and sweaty to cut it as a good product for mountain biking.

For a rider with large hands, like me, the fit is excellent and the wrist closure doesn’t dig in no matter how tight it’s done up. I feel that they are so well designed if you look after them, they’ll last forever and they’ll always live in my bike bag that’s for sure.

My final verdict is that these are an excellent winter glove for all conditions that mean you can still ride the way you want to and have warm, dry hands all the time (unless it rains heavily).

Get the perfect amount of insulation to block out damp, cool temperatures while maintaining exceptional dexterity and control of your bike at any major retailor or support your local bike shop, such as BotleyMTB who stock these.

4.8/5 for over all

If you know of a better winter glove let me know!

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Everyday Bearded MTBer

The Everyday Bearded Mountain Biker is also known as Jake Phillips, a mountain biker with a passion for two wheels. His passion for the sport has allowed him to enjoy many experiences and meet many people. From early years racing, track side support and even managing a grass roots race team and supporting young and up coming local talent.

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